11/13/2010 Nacogdoches Police Report

2005 E. Main (Assault FV)

Victim stated her ex-husband came to her residence to exchange personal belongings.  When he took music albums she went to the truck to get them back.  He ran into her and took the albums out of her hands and left.

1103 Spokane (Duty on striking Fixture or Landscaping)

A white one ton flatbed tool truck backed over the stop sign and a fence before leaving.

401 SE Stallings Dr. (theft)

Victim reported her 13" flat screen TV missing from her room.  Occurred between 21:30 hrs and 06:30 hrs this date.

2012 Durst (BOH)

Victim is reporting her home was burglarized with no forced entry observed.  The only item taken was her new bottle of medication.

729 Cariker (Assault FV)

A husband and wife who are currently separated got into an argument over child custody. During the argument the suspect slapped the victim.

N University Dr (BOH-)

Juveniles came home and found the sliding glass door open then were confronted by a black male. The black male left the residence with Toshiba computer and a web cam.

4810 North St (theft)

An employee of WalMart was found to have stolen $1,900.00 from cash registers over a course of a month and a half.  Charges are being filed.

4810 North St (theft)

Two known subjects were observed by store loss prevention officers concealing items in their pants. The subjects were contacted and detained until police arrived.  Subjects were arrested and taken to jail for shoplifting. Evans, Richard and Smallwood Michael were arrested.