Korean War Veterans honored in special ceremony

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) – It's been called the forgotten war, historically overshadowed by World War II and Vietnam.

Nearly 37,000 American service men lost their lives during three years of the Korean War.

"A lot of East Texas veterans were killed in action from this area. A lot of them are still listed as missing in action," said President of Vietnam Veterans of America Pineywoods Chpater 931 Michael Bishop.

Following their principle of never again will one generation of veterans abandon another, Vietnam veterans of America honored those who fought before them.

"These gentlemen need recognition. They came home and they were ignored and that is a tragedy in American history," said Bishop.

Following the war, Korea was left a divided nation.

Thanks to soldiers and their sacrifices, South Korea prospered, free from communist rule.

"Sixty years ago at that time, Korea was a very poor country, but now Korea has become a leading nation. They protected Korea from communism," said Donggyu Lee of the Korea Counsel in Houston.

Lee honored veterans with their representative flag and a plaque representing 60 years of appreciation.

"Thank you again Korean War veterans. We never forget your sacrifice and devotion," said Lee.

"To be remembered is great. Being appreciated for what you did makes it worthwhile," said President of the Korean Veterans Association in Lufkin, Jack Roberts.

"I'm just glad I made it home," said C.W. "Bud" Nettles, who was awarded with Veteran of the Year.

For those made it home and for those who could not, today offered the chance to say thank you.

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