Natural gas blowout on Highway 7, Shelby Co., "all clear"

SHELBY CO. (KTRE) -  Highway 7 between Center and Martinsville is back open to traffic after a natural gas well blowout and evacuation near the area earlier Saturday night.

No injuries were reported.  A Shelby County Sheriff's dispatcher described it as a "pressure release" and said no actual explosion is believed to have occurred.

The company that owns the well, Enbridge, has reportedly "capped" the well and "metered" the air in the blowout area.  They tell the sheriff's office tests show the air is safe to breath.  The evacuation has been lifted and residents are free to return home.

Emergency crews had been re-directing traffic from Highway 7 at Martinsville and Loop 500 at Center.  Highway 7 is now back open to traffic, including the area on Highway 7 across and near Excelsior school.  The incident started around 8:30 p.m. and the "all clear" was given shortly before 10 p.m.

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