Four East Texas sisters support local center that's changing women's lives

Ambra Reppond, resident
Ambra Reppond, resident
Sabrina Collins, helped raise money for center
Sabrina Collins, helped raise money for center
Carlene Smith, executive director of center
Carlene Smith, executive director of center

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) –  Four East Texas sisters decided that Seasons of Hope Center would receive any money left over after putting on a church women's conference.  The center is dedicated to those struggling with some type of life-altering issue, and putting them on the right path.

Seasons of Hope is changing Ambra Reppond's life.

"The reason I'm here is I was in addiction and I needed a safe place to go," said Reppond.

She's lived here three months of what will be a year-long stay the center. She's already made progress toward becoming proud of herself.

"I graduated from the Mosaic Center - which I've never accomplished anything in my life.  I found God," said Reppond.

It's stories like Reppond's that sparked the 'Murphy' sisters to help them continue their mission.

"The Murphy sisters help my sister Cheryl, a member of the Cross Timbers Cowboy Church, and she wanted to put on this conference for her church and she called the troops in," said Sabrina Collins, one of the Murphy sisters.

They went to family, friends, community businesses, and raised money to pay for the women's conference at the church. After some research, it was decided any money leftover would be donated to the center.

"Our women's conference was called 'Reflect and Restore' and we saw true restoration was taking place here," said Collins.

They are donating $7,500 to Seasons of Hope.  The center's executive director, Carlene Smith, says every penny will be spent taking care of the women who live here.

"Without the community this place cannot function," said Smith.

"Every need I had was met. It was provided, from transportation to just shampoo in the shower," said Reppond.

The founders and supporters of Seasons of Hope Center have one goal: that the women who take their first trip down its driveway are very different than the ones who leave one year later.

Smith created a daily routine of therapy, classes, church, and work to teach residents how to live a life without drugs or alcohol.

"I will have gained independence and accomplishment and confidence and love for myself and other people," said Reppond.

Seasons of Hope Center relies completely on the community to stay open.

They welcome all kinds of donations from the public: food, hygiene products, gas cards, and of course, cash.

You can send it to them or just drop it off at the center.

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