11/23/2010 Lufkin Police Report

11/23/10 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF     400 Block of MONTROSE

Man reported that someone broke out the window on the front door of his vacant residence.

11/22/10 THEFT/B               4600 Block of S MEDFORD

Man reported that he had accidentally left his wallet in the restroom of the mall, and when he returned for it, he found that it had been taken.

11/22/10 THEFT/B               100 Block of TEMPLE DR

Woman reported that someone had stolen her bicycle from the bicycle rack at her apartment complex.

11/22/10 CREDIT CARD ABUSE     2500 Block of DANIEL MCCALL DR

Woman reported that she found someone had made unauthorized charges on her credit card account

11/22/10 THEFT                 2100 Block of HOMEWOOD ST

A man reported that when they returned to his vehicle parked in front of a residence, they discovered someone had entered his unsecure vehicle and had stolen his wallet and his mother's purse out of the vehicle


Man reported sometime during the past week, someone had stolen his push mower from under his carport.

11/22/10 ASSAULT/A             600 Block of AUGUSTA ST

Woman reported that she was shoved down a hallway, choked, and thrown down onto a bed by her husband during an argument.

11/22/10 THEFT                 500 Block of S JOHN REDDITT DR

Property caretaker reported that someone had stolen the outside air conditioner compressor from a building they had up for sale.

11/22/10 BURGLARY              1500 Block of SAYERS

Woman reported that she returned home to find her front door kicked in and her television stolen from the house.  The woman also reported that the keys to her vehicle were taken from the house as well and her vehicle left parked at her residence was stolen.  Lufkin police officer's located the vehicle abandoned behind a nearby church later that day.

11/22/10 BURGLARY              400 Block of RANDYBROOK

Man reported that sometime during the early morning hours someone had entered his unlocked vehicle and rummaged through the contents of his glove box and vehicle interior.  Nothing was found to be missing at time of report.


Utility company employee reported that someone used a jumper wire to restore discontinued electrical service at a residence and, after disconnecting the electric service a second time, found that someone had again reconnected the electric to the home.

11/22/10 BURGLARY              600 Block of APRIL ST

Woman reported that she found someone had entered her vehicle sometime during the night and had stolen her credit card.  The woman reported that upon checking with her credit card company, found the credit card had been used at several locations in the city during the morning hours.

11/22/10 911 ABUSE/HANGUP      1800 Block of SAYERS

Officers responding to a silent 9-1-1 call at an apartment had to make forced entry into the apartment to check on the resident.  Once inside, they found the resident was hiding in a bathroom closet and was fine, she did not have an emergency, and was just refusing to answer the door after calling 9-1-1.  The resident also has a history of 9-1-1 abuse, and a warrant for her arrest will be sought.

11/22/10 BURGLARY/VEHICLE      1900 Block of HANKS

Man reported that someone broke out the passenger side rear window of their vehicle and had stolen a jacket from the vehicle.


Man reported he pulled over for a vehicle with flashing red and blue lights, and the driver of the vehicle, who was not a police officer, confronted him about pulling out in front of him just prior.