Angelina Co. step closer to having weigh station

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - By Morgan Thomas - email

ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - It's going to be one more stop on the road for truck drivers.

"It's time consuming," truck driver Keith Spencer. "It's 15 minutes every time you stop."

Keith Spencer has been driving big rigs for two decades.

And he's not excited about the prospect of yet another weigh station, this time in Angelina County.

"Time is money in this business," Spencer said.

Commissioners approved the construction of a station last spring when land became available.

"There was no place to put it until TxDOT came to me about year and half ago and said they were going to close down road side parks due to budget constraints," County Judge Wes Suiter said.

Suiter says the county has talked about needing a weigh station for years.

"They come in and overlay 59 every few years and in about six months the weight of trucks were putting ruts back in the road," Suiter said.

Causing dangerous driving conditions especially when it rains.

The truck weigh station will keep truck drivers accountable to the laws.

DPS inspectors will man the station.

Spencer says getting your rig weighed is only part of the process.

"They want to look at your log book, at your paperwork, look at your truck, at your trailer," he said.

He does admit weigh stations have a purpose, but too many stops cost him money.

But Suiter says it'll bring in much needed revenue for the county.

"Just like when DPS writes a speeding ticket now," Suiter said. "They usually file them with our justice of the peace courts and part of that revenue goes to the county. Part goes to the state."

He says he's spoken with other county judges who have weigh stations. They say the station pays for itself with the fines and fees collected.

Now, the commissioners are ready to bid out the job of construction manager for the project.

Suiter says the weigh station could be open as soon as six months.

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