Iraqi Group Claiming Links to al-Qaida Says it is Behind Attacks

A group claiming to be an Iraqi branch of al-Qaida says it's behind recent attacks on U-S forces -- not Saddam Hussein.

That's according to a tape shown today on an Arab TV station.

The satellite station, Al-Arabiya based in Dubai, aired a four-minute video tape. It shows a black-and-white still photograph of a man dressed like an Islamic cleric. It's not clear who it is.

A distorted male voice reads a message warning American forces to "leave Iraq's territories and to live up to their promises."

The voice describes himself as a member of the "Islamic Armed Group of al-Qaida, Fallujah branch."

He says his group is behind the continuing Iraqi resistance against U.S. forces -- and Saddam has nothing to do with it.

The tape was delivered to the station's Baghdad office.

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