The debate continues: Does Facebook lead to infidelity?

UNDATED - They say it begins with innocent curiosity.  Things like checking Facebook status, or a simple poke.  "I probably look up at least one of my ex's like once a month."

A recent survey showed 20 percent of divorces involve Facebook, and 80 percent of divorce lawyers reported a spike in the number of cases that use social media for evidence.

Tales of Facebook heartbreak are popping up across the web.  It's so common there's a website dedicated to Facebook cheating.  The founder says he started the site after his now ex-wife had an affair with an old flame she re-ignited on Facebook.

Terry Real, a marriage counselor, believes that Facebook can provide a sort of fantasy for a cheating spouse.  "There is nothing more seductive than the "one that got away" fantasy is always better than someone who's up to her eyeballs in bills and diapers."

What do you think?  Is Facebook "the gateway to infidelity?"  Take our web poll.