SFA nursing students practice for tornado

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) -  KFC employees were smeared with fake blood to simulate injuries they could really receive if a tornado ripped through their offices.

"Because if you are in a disaster situation than, you know, you kinda learn how to deal with like the chaos, people and how to triage and what's serious and what's not," SFA nursing student Julie Rapp said.

Nacogdoches businesswoman Lucille Dewitt donated her business backyard for SFA's school of nursing building site.

So naturally, she is all for her KFC corporate employees to help future nurses with a tornado simulation drill.

Dewitt watched on as everyone got into the act.

"I'm laughing at times because I know all these people and some of them work for me, but a situation like this could happen any time," she said.

Real-life disasters have happened and will happen. SFA nursing students and its state-of-the-art training facility are actually written into the county's emergency preparedness plan.

"When we had evacuations from Louisiana and we took in patients from Hurricane Katrina, behind Hurricane Katrina, so yes they are written in as part of our community to help out," instructor Della Connor said.

The ability to help out at moment's notice gives the nursing school's neighbors a comforting feeling when they come to work each day.

"Yeah, if something happens up there that we would have somebody here to help us," Naomi Jennings said. "Yes. Absolutely."

The hands-on training is building another essential element to becoming a good nurse: confidence.

"I'm working on it every day," Kristen Graham said.

In order to be ready for the day when someone really does need their help.

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