Lufkin And Nacogdoches Get Ready For Claudette

Both the cities of Lufkin and Nacogdoches are not taking any chances on whether or not they will have a date with Claudette. With the storm bearing down on the Texas Gulf Coast, there is a chance that we could see some effects here in East Texas, whether in the form of thunderstorms, or in the form of evacuees trying to escape Claudette's wrath.

In either event, Lufkin is prepared, according to the city's emergency management coordinator.  Kenneth Williams says there were many lessons learned after hurricane Lili brought thousands of evacuees to Lufkin last year.

Officials in Nacogdoches started meeting last week to discuss plans for Claudette's arrival.  Nacogdoches deputy city manager Victoria La Follett says successful disaster relief can be provided again if city leaders communicate with storm watchers.

Both cities are prepared to provide shelter for potential evacuees.  Over 11,000 can be accomodated between the two cities.