NPD totals 145k in seizure funds

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Photographs of what it takes to fight crime.

"This is our Special Operations Unit," Nacogdoches Police Chief Jim Sevey said. "It's a very stable unit. These are the same guys that started in this unit."

It's just one of several special forces generating seizure and forfeiture funds.

"We have street crimes division that does street level investigations," Sevey said. "We have a canine unit that conducts highway interdiction."

Together they added over $85,000 to the seizure fund and just over $59,000 to the forfeiture fund.

"We focused a lot on the money and as we all know when we hit these drug dealers and couriers, distributors in the pocket book it hurt them," said Butch White of the Nacogdoches Street Crimes Unit. "Not only financially, but it kinda slows the dope down a little bit too."

Forfeitures and seizures allowed Nacogdoches Police to spend about $44,000. Investigative costs paid to informants totaled about $10,000. A 35 percent split of about $18,000 was made with Nacogdoches County. The rest went towards computers, surveillance and security equipment, training and tools of the trade.

"I'm talking about tobacco, alcohol and primarily narcotics," Sevey said.

Accident and crime reconstructive equipment is bought through the funds allowing officers to target crime.

Certified public accountants validate the money. Police validate the criminal.

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