Huntington man left without a scratch after car turns over

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - By Whitney Grunder - email

Huntington, Texas (KTRE)- A man walked away unscathed after his vehicle hit a barbeque pit in the roadway, flipping once and landing in a ditch.

Justin Seaborn, 33, was driving his 2001 Toyota Tacoma northbound on Highway 69 at 6:20p.m. when his SUV hit the pit that had apparently been left in the roadway.

The impact of the hit caused the SUV to go air born, flip once and slide into a ditch, landing right side up.

The grill slid into the southbound lane and was then hit by a 1985 Isuzu causing the grill to slide into a ditch.

The accident happened right at the city limit mark for Huntington across the street from the Huntington Intermediate School.

The driver of the Tacoma was not hurt in the accident. "It's a pretty safe vehicle" said Seaborn. "The good Lord was with me."

The accident was cleared within 30 minutes by DPS and the Huntington Volunteer Fire and Police Department.