Fushigi Ball: "Does It Work?"

Some products were seemingly made for the "Does it Work?" test. Such is the case with the "As Seen on TV" sensation called the Fushigi ball. You've probably seen it. The little silver ball seems to float--defy gravity. And they are flying off shelves as we head into the holidays. This week, Joe Terrell puts the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball to the "Does it Work?" test.

Every Fushigi comes with an instructional DVD, nice little plastic stand and a felt bag which contains your Fushigi. No strings, no batteries behind the magic, so we're beginning to worry this thing depends on skill and practice.

We decide to watch the DVD.

First bit of advice, practice over carpet. That's because you are inevitably going to drop your magic gravity ball. Ironic, huh?

Dropping the Fushigi on a hard surface would create scratches and totally wreck the illusion. The Fushigi is really just a reflective metal sphere surrounded by a thick layer of crystal clear acrylic.

When you hold the ball, the acrylic gives the appearance you are not making contact with the ball.  But contact is essential.  In fact, this art is called contact juggling. And it is an art.

The Amazing Kenny, as he calls himself on the instructional DVD is a Fushigi master.

Hard to describe the moves in writing.  The DVD teaches you more than 20 moves. Some you'll be able to do right away. Others you won't.

Pat Stacey has juggled for 30 years. There's a learning curve.  This is nothing like regular juggling.  But his hand/eye coordination led to Pat being the best of all who tried to pick up the art of Fushigi.  "I'd get it," says Pat.

The Fushigi is a potential illusion. You'll get out of it, what you put into it. But we are convinced, with practice, just about anyone could reach some level of success with this nicely made piece of art.

"Does it Work?"  You ultimately determine that. And that means, it gets a "maybe."

The Fushigi is not a toy and you really shouldn't put it in the hands of anyone under 12 years old. The Fushigi is available at CVS, Target and other discount stores for $19.99.

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