Crime scene investigation class means better cases for East Texas prosecutors

Forensic Analyst Instructor Iris Dalley
Forensic Analyst Instructor Iris Dalley
Houston Co. Constable Morris Luker
Houston Co. Constable Morris Luker
Houston Co. District Attorney Donna Kaspar
Houston Co. District Attorney Donna Kaspar

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) –  World-renowned crime scene experts are teaching the latest advances in the field to local law enforcement.

Forensic expert Iris Dalley travels across the globe teaching crime scene investigation techniques.

She's one of two instructors spending the week in Crockett teaching the latest strategies in crime scene and evidence analysis.

"It's really the yardstick you need for evaluating everything else in the case. The evidence is what it is and it's not going to change," said Dalley.

Her students are officers from across the state, even one from Arizona.  Their first lesson was presenting evidence using computers and 3-d reconstructions.

"It's a way of bringing the crime scene itself to the courtroom," said Dalley.

That's exactly what prosecutors want to have when cases reach trial.

"It starts an investigation, the minute you're notified of an offense has occurred you need to do your best to make sure you collect all the evidence, preserve it properly, so that later on it can be used at trial," said Kaspar.

If a case goes to trial any evidence ends up here, in front of a jury, and that's why prosecutors like Houston County D.A. Donna Kaspar believe stronger investigations could mean justice in the courtroom.

Kaspar relies on local investigators like Constable Morris Luker. He's often first on the crime scene in his precinct.

"It's very important to get the scene secured," said Luker.

He hopes the class will teach him how to do his job even better.

"Fresh approach to doing something... with a crime scene instead of doing it the same old way," said Luker.

Kaspar believes skilled investigators could be the key to closing a case successfully

"So that we can present everything that we can, in the best manner we can present it, so the jurors will understand it," said Kaspar.

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