Santa Fired

UNDATED - A longtime Macy's Santa Claus was fired for telling jokes.  And, he's not happy or jolly about the whole thing.  "They came and sat on my knee and I said, 'Have you been good this year? Oh, yes, Santa' and I said, "Oh, that's too bad."

That's one of the jokes Santa told an adult couple at Macy's.  He also joked about the reason why Santa was always happy.  "Santa's so happy and jolly cause he knows where all the naughty boys and girls live."

The couple complained and John Toomey was fired for telling jokes, which he says he's told other adults for 20 years.

A San Francisco bar owner tells the San Francisco Chronicle he's hiring the blue Santa. Santa will be posing for pictures during the bar's annual Fire Department toy drive. And the owner of Lefty O'Doul's says this Santa can tell any jokes he wants.  The goal is to raise 10,000 toys.

What do you think? Should Santa have lost his job for telling an adult joke to an adult couple sitting on his knee?  Take our web poll.