Saharan Dust to Move into East Texas

Clouds of dust orginating from Africa are expected to move across parts of Texas through the weekend.   A series of two dust clouds pulled into the Gulf of Mexico behind Hurricane Claudette will effect the Pineywoods to some extent.

According to meteorologist Bryan Lambeth with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the first cloud located over East Texas on Thursday is creating minimal effects.  You may notice hazy conditions and those sensitive to respiratory problems may notice some effects.  A larger cloud of dust will move into Central Texas and West Texas on Friday.  That dust is then expected to spread into East Texas over the weekend.

Again, minimal effects are expected across East Texas from this second dust cloud.  Hazy conditions can be expected, and those sensitive to dust may have some respiratory problems if they spend extended periods of time outdoors.

These dust clouds orginated over the Sahara desert in Africa.  Tropical systems, such as Hurricane Claudette, often pull these dust clouds across the Atlantic Ocean and into the Gulf of Mexico.  This is a common occurance once or twice a summer.

If the area receives thunderstorms over the next couple of days, the rain should help to wash away some of the dust in the atmosphere.  Otherwise, the dust is expected to linger over parts of Texas into the first of the week.

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