Lufkin postal employees want answers, few delivered

Mckinney Boyd
Mckinney Boyd

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – They showed up to a public hearing, expecting answers about the future of their mail.

Instead they found out they'll have to wait even longer.

In September we broke the news that the U.S. Postal Service was considering a cost-cutting move of closing the Lufkin mail processing unit.

As many as eight Lufkin employees have uncertain futures if the Lufkin Postal Service processing plant is moved to Tyler.

"It's going to cause them to have hardship and a lot of them that have to move have families," said one employee during the hearing.

The problem is -- they won't know for another six to eight months.

At a public hearing Thursday night, a 90-day survey was expected to be released

Instead postal officials say the study is ongoing and when complete, the public will never see the results.

Still in the air -- the future of outgoing mail.

If the processing plant closes, a letter mailed in Lufkin is going to have to go to Tyler then back to Lufkin.

If that happens, postal spokesman Mckinney Boyd guarantees the delivery time and quality of service will not change.

"We can take that mail to Tyler, distribute it, transport it back to Lufkin for next day's delivery and over a year's time we will realize a savings of almost a half of a million dollars," said Boyd.

Under-utilized and capable of handling Lufkin's mail too, Boyd says a possible move comes during tough times for the postal service.

"The postal service has lost more than 22- million dollars. What the organization is trying to do at this time is to offset all of these expenses," said Boyd.

Some at the meeting want proof that this is the best solution.

"I still do not see the need for them to leave the facility because of the employees, some of the best employees in the Lufkin area," said one postal worker.

"You ought to consider a range of alternatives, rather than just that one," said another East Texan.

Now the wait continues, to find out if the Lufkin processing unit will move possibly taking eight jobs with it.

The study will be complete in 15 days.

Once that data is analyzed, Boyd says it will go through two other levels of approval and in six to eight months, a decision will be made.

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