Anorexia Genes

Thousands of teenagers in America are tormented about their weight.  While becoming thin is often sweet revenge for them later in life, it often comes with a price.

Anorexia is an eating disorder that makes so thin they look hollow and weak.  Many would blame the disease on the social pressures to be thin.

New research shows it could also be genetic.  Family studies show that if you have a family member who has an eating disorder, you're between seven and twelve times at greater risk for developing an eating disorder yourself.

So researchers analyzed the DNA of family members with anorexia.  They discovered two genes that likely play a role.  Now the scientists want to find out specifically what these genes do, and if other genes are involved.

Doctors say anorexia patients tend to share certain personality traits, like anxiety and, obsessionality and perfectionism.  Could the two genes help shape a personality that considers anorexia attractive?

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