12/22/2010 Lufkin Police Report

12/22/10   CRIMINAL MISCHIEF     300 Block S TIMBERLAND DR  

Complainant reported that the restaurant she manages was vandalized early Wednesday morning.  She reported that when she arrived for work early Wednesday she found that an unknown black substance had been thrown on the front of Lindo Mexico Restaurant and profanities written on the concrete.  The doors and drive-thru window had been caulked shut as well.

12/21/10   CRIMINAL MISCHIEF     511 LAUREL            

Complainant reported that a known neighbor broke into his storage shed, damaging the door, in order to access an illegal electric meter bypass switch the neighbor had installed in the shed.

12/21/10   FRAUD     200 Block FOREST PARK      

Complainant reported that someone has used his social security number to obtain satellite television service.

12/21/10   HARASSMENT     100 Block BYNUM            

Complainant reported that her ex-husband called her and cursed her out and told her that he wished she and their daughter would just die.

12/21/10   BURGLARY/BUILDING     5500 Block S FIRST           

Complainant reported that a fireworks warehouse was burglarized Monday night and some fireworks and cash were stolen.

12/21/10   FORGERY/COUNTERFEITI    2500 W FRANK          

Complainant reported that her estranged husband has intercepted and cashed some of her child support checks that she receives from another ex.

12/21/10   FRAUD    900 Block W FRANK            

Complainant reported that Mom's Diner has had several customers come in with unauthorized gift certificates for a free hamburger meal at the restaurant.  The restaurant has not printed, distributed or authorized any such coupons or gift certificates.  The manager didn't know where the certificates originated.

12/21/10   THEFT/A     400 Block ATKINSON           

Complainant reported that he left his wallet at a grocery store Monday and when he went back Tuesday to ask, no one had turned it in.

12/21/10   BURGLARY      1100 Block ANNETTE          

Complainant reported that her home was broken into Monday or Tuesday and a television, a laptop computer and two DVD players were stolen.