Woman shares story of survival one year after Lufkin tornado

Rejetta Blake
Rejetta Blake

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Entire homes, demolished. Cars flipped on their side. Rejetta Blake remembers this horrific scene all too well.

"It's like it happened yesterday," said Blake.

An EF-3 tornado dropped from the sky, striking Lubbock Street.

"Praise God it skipped my house. The only thing that was really ruined was the roof top and the door," said Blake.

She recalls driving home, right before the tornado touched down.

It's hard for Blake not to think about what would have happened if the storm had hit just two minutes earlier when she was pulling up her driveway with her two-year-old grandson.

She describes the terror she felt when she heard the storm coming.

"The window was half way up and so by that time I went to the kitchen and I heard like a roaring sound and I said oh my gosh it's a tornado! I said get to the bathroom," she recalled. "We all ran in the bathroom and so by that time everything was shaking and roaring and all I kept saying, holding my grandson, was in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus."

These prayers, she says kept her family alive.

"I could have been gone. I could have been dead and gone," said Blake.

Only minor damage was done to her home.

Still, the community reached out.

"Church members, they came by and gave gift certificates and gift cards and that was a blessing you know, to go and get what we needed," said Blake.

Rejetta admits, the night of the storm is not far from her mind today.

She'll celebrate the Christmas holiday, remembering there is plenty to be thankful for one year later.

"Don't take life for granted," said Blake.

Blake tells KTRE it's been a difficult year for her. Her home was burglarized earlier this month.

While it has been a struggle, Blake believes things are getting better and is thankful for God, and her family.

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