Lufkin gift-givers find ways to save money during tough economy

Meredith Frazier with Alley Cat Thrift Store
Meredith Frazier with Alley Cat Thrift Store
Sharon Ayres with Two Times New Consignment
Sharon Ayres with Two Times New Consignment

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Business is booming at re-sale and thrift stores around town, fulfilling a need for low-cost gifts during tough economic times.

"They're looking for a last minute bargain, or they're looking for something that's in good condition that they can re-gift because they're about saving money this year," said Sharon Ayres, Co-owner of Two Times New consignment and thrift store.

"We have things that they need, and on their income its easier for them to come here," said Meredith Frazier, Clerk at Alley Cat Thrift store.

Ayres says she's always thrilled to see a shopper find the perfect present at a price they can afford, "I know it sounds crazy, but a lot of our mamas are excited because they're finding the brand name clothes."

So their kids can wear what's cool - without breaking the bank.

Frazier says you just can't beat their deals on household goods, "second-hand coffee makers, second-hands things they all work real well... For your money you do a lot better to look here first before you go out and buy retail."

While clothing and household goods are the most popular re-sale Christmas items, having a chance to buy a toy kitchen or stroller at a percentage of the costs can be a Christmas miracle for some.

"Bigger things that might costs somebody else the $100, but costs them 25 or 30... Let somebody else buy it new,"said Ayres.

Besides re-sale items, re-gifting is yet another way some are saving this season.

"Just small things like stocking stuffers those things you don't use them. Might as well give them to someone who will," said Cynthia Ticas, re-gifter.

Sheila Hughes says re-gifting things that you have too many of - like candles - can really save you some dough, "it really does because my husband is unemployed right now. I'm the only one working so yeah we have to kinda pinch pennies."

Second-hand items can definitely become the greatest gift.

"Everybody else's trash maybe somebody else's treasure and we have that happen everyday here," said Frazier.

A tip if you're planning to check out re-sale or thrift stores for gifts, it may take a few trips to find what you're looking for.

Ayres says they get drop-offs several times a day, so if they don't have it now, they could have it tomorrow.

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