Higher gas prices, flight delays, longer lines greet holiday travelers

UNDATED - This holiday season experts predict more than 90 million people will travel at least 50 miles or more from home by car or air.

More than 85 million folks will take to the roads.  You've probably noticed, filling up that gas tank will cost more this year, a lot more.  The average gallon of gas now costs three dollars, up 13 cents since November, and the highest it's been since late in 2008.

Denver, Colorado has the cheapest gas ($2.70) in the continental U.S.  You'll find the most expensive in San Francisco ($3.36), according to AAA.

Gas prices in East Texas range between $2.77 and the $2.90 mark.  To find the lowest gas prices anytime, just download our free KTRE-9-to-go app for your mobile device.

Airfares are up 7.5% from last year.  For example, a $400 flight from Chicago to New York will now cost you $28 more, helping the industry wrap up its most profitable year since 1999, according to AAA.

More weather-related delays are in store for European air travelers on Christmas Eve.  Officials in France are asking airlines to reduce flights out of the main airports in Paris by half Friday for several hours.  It's because of a shortage of the liquid needed to de-ice planes.

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