12/24/2010 Nacogdoches Police Report

3800 North  Theft

Officer received a tip from a store that a wanted person that we have been looking for had just left.  Officers located the subject who had a Felony Theft warrant and arrested him.  While arresting him Officers found a DVD player underneath his jacket that he had just stolen from a local store.  The plastic sack the subject was carrying at the time of his arrest contained a new pair of boots that he also had stolen from another local store.

100 N Fredonia Driving While License Invalid

Officer stopped a car due to a traffic violation and found that her license was suspended.

100 Old Line Drive  Burglary Of Habitation

Complainant left his house for a few hours and when he returned he found that his computer and backpack were taken.

100 Oak Hill Plaza  Assault Family Violence

Officers responded to a disturbance and located both parties.  One subject was upset because her boyfriend did not make the correct breakfast for her children.  During this argument he pushed her.

300 Ellington  Criminal Mischief

Complainant advised that his girlfriend got mad at him and smashed his cell phone.

900 Shawnee Assault Family violence/Criminal Mischief

Complainant advised that he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend and she walked out of his house.  Complainant locked the door behind her and she broke out a window.  Complainant went back outside to stop her from damaging more of his house and she bit him on the arm.

2500 Saratoga  Burglary of a Habitation

Complainant left his house for a few hours and when he returned he found that his window had been broken out.  When he went inside he found that his TV, Camera, Xbox, Wii and 10 games were missing.

1700 W Austin  Driving while Intoxicated

Officer stopped a vehicle for speeding and found the driver to be intoxicated.  He was arrested.

1700 North  Theft

Complainant advised he left his cell phone on the counter and when he went back it was gone.

3200 North  Aggravated Robbery

The victim advised he was trying to sell him MP3 player to a subject who told him to meet him across the street.  When the victim went to the location he was assaulted and states that he had a pistol put to his head.  The suspect along with another subject took his money, jewelry and the MP3 player.