Hudson fire officials keep backyard blaze from spreading to family's home

Krystal Gray, one of the homeowners.
Krystal Gray, one of the homeowners.

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) – Sunday, Hudson Fire officials prevented a backyard blaze from spreading to one family's home.

According to Hudson Assistant Fire Chief Chris Smith, roughly nine fire fighters from The Hudson Volunteer Fire Department responded to the 300 block of Walnut Hill Road, at around 3:15 p.m. where an abandoned trailer had caught fire.

Smith said fire fighters had the blaze under control within fifteen minutes, preventing it from spreading to the owners' home. No one was injured.

Before the fire started, the homeowners, Krystal Gray, 21, and her husband David Gray, 24 were tearing down the trailer situated in their backyard. Gray said it came with her property, which they purchased four years ago.

According to Gray, her husband and brother-in-law were in the middle of taking the trailer apart, when they took a break to come inside.  Gray said a small pile of leaves caught fire. With hoses nearby, the men didn't think leaving it unattended for a few minutes would cause any harm.

"They had caught a pile of leaves on fire, probably about six feet in front of the trailer. We were inside. They came into eat the lunch I fixed for them. They came back outside because they had seen a bunch of smoke rolling out from under the trailer," said Gray. "They thought it was just the leaves but then it started coming from the roof top of the trailer."

Gray said they immediately went outside to check on it.

"The whole trailer just went up in flames so I called the fire department right then and it scared me. I thought it was going to spread to my house," she said.

Smith said the Gray family is fortunate their home didn't catch fire.

"It doesn't take but just a very few minutes. That's how we see most of them start," said Smith. "People go inside to get a drink of water or to take a quick break and come out and by that time it's already spread to the point where they can't control it."

Smith said there has been an increase of grass fires within Angelina County during the past month. He is asking people to please be careful during the holiday season.

"Stay with it. Keep a water hose handy and stay with it. Do not leave until it's completely out," said Smith.

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