Suddenlink releases statement on its negotiations with Viacom

Media Advisory:

"Although we have made it clear to Viacom that their recent offers are neither fair nor reasonable, they continue to seek a significant overall increase in what they're paid, still at more than 20% and still demanding payment for a new channel with R-rated programming that our customers have not requested and many of them do not want.

"In the meantime, customers have asked us, if we lose some Viacom channels, can we keep others.  We would like to do that, but every Viacom offer so far has demanded payment for their new network with R-rated programming, and they have never made a realistic offer for only some of their channels.

"For instance:  If we wanted to keep only Nickelodeon, the cost of that one channel would be three times more than what Viacom charges today for seven of their channels. Or, if we wanted to keep Nickelodeon, TV Land, MTV, and Comedy Central, the cost of those four channels would be five times more than what Viacom charges today for 20 channels, including their digital channels.

"Clearly, Viacom is attempting to leverage its current channels, including its children's programming, to force a significant increase in what they're paid and a new network with R-rated programming.

"We will provide further updates as this situation develops."

Pete Abel, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Suddenlink