Straight-ticket voting - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Straight-ticket voting

In the past, we at KTRE have urged everyone to show up to the polls and vote. And this past Election Day, we're glad to see many of us did.  

We just aren't sure some of us put much thought in our vote.

Nearly 6,000 of us in Angelina County voted straight-line Republican. A similar number in Nacogdoches County did the same.  We realize the Democratic party isn't very popular at this time, but should that matter for a local race?

justices of the peace and county commissioners pick a party because they have to in order to get on the ballot.  But their duties in those offices have little to nothing to do with their political affiliation.

Voting straight-line is a tremendous right to have, and we don't think it should go away.  We just implore everyone to study the candidates, not their party, when we make a decision.

Some East Texas incumbents lost their jobs this year, and we'll stand behind our newly elected officials.  We just hope that when they take office in 2011, it's because we supported their platform, not just their party.

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