Congressional gridlock

The elections are over and the American people have spoken.  They do not want one party control of the government.  The electorate decided that the Republicans should have a significant voice in determining the course of this country.  Now with control of the House of Representatives, the Republicans can help decide how to solve the major challenges the nation faces.

But the big question is; "Can the two parties come to an agreement on what the solutions should be?"  Conventional wisdom is that they can not and will not.  Already we have noticed that compromise may not be possible, especially with the arrival of the Tea Party backed congressman.

We at KTRE hope the two parties can and will come together on some issues. We need jobs in this country, we need consumer confidence so that people will begin spending again.  We need companies to feel comfortable enough in the economy to invest more capital in their businesses and hire people.   We do not need gridlock in Congress.

Starting with this lame duck Congress, our leaders need to step up and agree on solutions.  We, the electorate, need to make our voices heard through phone calls or emails to our representatives, making sure they know we will hold them accountable.

After this past election, no politician should ever feel safe.  Let's make sure they remember that over these next two years.