2010 Census reports couples waiting longer to marry - is it true for East Texans?

Trinity County Justice of the Peace Sam Blair
Trinity County Justice of the Peace Sam Blair

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – The census provides all kinds of data about current Americans, and the 2010 data shows men and women are waiting longer to tie the knot.

The average age for men is now 28, and for women its 26.

".. Jobs, the economy and people so involved in life - just too much going on," said Grace Baptist Church Pastor Melton Musick.

Pastor Musick believes those are just a few reasons people are waiting to jump the broom.

Licensed Marriage and Family therapist Dr. Debra Burton says the primary reason to wait: higher education.

"You're seeing a lot of people, women in particular... Getting higher education waiting to complete their under-grad and some cases graduate degrees before getting married," said Burton.

While national stats say one thing, Trinity County J.P. Sam Blair says another. He's been marrying folks for over 20 years and in those two decades of marriage he hasn't seen much change in the age of couples.

"It's seems like its pretty well the same since I first started the first years until now," said Blair.

Judge Blair's not sure why he hasn't seen a change, but says it could have something to do with living in a rural area.

"Probably come back from their teaching at home," said Blair.

Pastor Musick agreed, "I do know theres not as much distraction around this part of the county."

However, Dr. Burton believes there's definitely a benefit to waiting: maturity.

"We tend to see that until the age of 25 the personality hasn't quite gelled yet. So that the person you marry at age 19 may not be the person you marry at age 25," said Burton.

But Judge Blair says no mattter what age you decide to say "I do" -- make sure its about love.

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