Lufkin drug treatment facility seeing more clients after holidays

Phyllis Grandgeorge
Phyllis Grandgeorge

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Holley Nees - email

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - J.P. is a recovering drug addict. He's been in counseling at the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council in Lufkin since November.

"Every week it seems like there's more people and that's good, you know, that means more people want to get right with themselves and God," he said.

The center's director says since Christmas they've seen a 30-percent increase in their client numbers.

"It's really incredible and at times overwhelming simply to handle the increase," said Phyllis Grandgeorge, the executive director at ADAC.

More than 150 people get help on a weekly basis and after the holidays that number grows.

"A lot of times new years motivates people to make a change, family members also have been together and they see people with addiction," Grandgeorge said. "They see that they have deteriorated and they encourage them to make a change."

"Everyone has their own reasons, mine is because I want to live," JP said. "I'm tired of living that life."

Which means meeting with his counselor, Linda Few James.

< Linda Few James/ADAC Counselor:> "We're not a victim, we do have choices and when you really want to make changes, there's a way to do so," James said.

Counselors say even their court-ordered clients, like J.P., decide to go through this door even more often than they are required to after the holidays.

"I'm even going to come whenever I don't have to," J.P. said. "There's a couple of the guys that do the same thing. They're not mandated to come up here, but they do because it gives them support."

In and out of prison for the last four years, now he's one of many east Texans taking it one day at a time. Resolving to make a life choice this new year.

If you want assistance with substance abuse, you can reach ADAC at 936-634-5753.

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