Cushing man brings Homeland Security to hometown

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Jared LoStracco operates Viper Security and Investigation. The Cushing native never saw the career in his future.

After receiving a nomination to the Naval Academy, the field found him.

"Especially post-9/11 military, I think, everybody's job started revolving more around security," he said.

LoStracco recalls the heightened awareness for security.

"The climate change was overnight," he said. "Absolutely different. Things were much more serious."

Daily training regiments entered the picture.

"All that training that started basically from the beginning was leading up to the point, a huge part of our job was securing assets," he said.

While busy protecting America, LoStracco began to see a future in security as a civilian. The line of work can take him anywhere, but he chooses to protect East Texas.

"We mainly do industrial type of security," he said. "Manufacturing plants, processing plants, power plants. Those sorts of things."

The wrong person inside could spell disaster. LoStracco has an appreciation for guards and their tools, even the ones at the airport.

"We can't treat it as too much trouble," he said.

Lostracco doesn't foresee using any x-ray equipment in his business, but he does want people to realize that those guard shacks outside your local industries are staffed by people who care about the safety of others.

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