Review proper etiquette before hitting the gym

Grady Lowery
Grady Lowery

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Anxious to tackle a New Year's resolution, dozens hit the gym January 1st.

"If every month was January everyone would want to be in the fitness business," said Grady Lowery, Owner of Livewell Athletic Club.

Some meet their goals, making fitness a part of their lifestyle.

New member Joel Torres plans to lose 10 to 15 lbs.

"I've been waiting for a long time to do this and when the holidays came it was just the right time," said Torres.

The regulars at Livewell say most newbies don't last long.

"I give it about February until March. Then they'll fade off," said Joseph Macaculop.

No matter which category you fall into, gym newcomers are encouraged to review the guidelines of proper etiquette

"The little book, I learned everything I need to know in kindergarten is a great book to go by," said Lowery.

It may sound silly but Lowery says even adults need a few reminders.

"When you do your repetitions don't sit on the machine between repetitions. Get up and let somebody else be using the machine," said Lowery. "Don't bring a big gym bag and leave it lying on the floor for others to trip on. Don't make a lot of noise. We tend to talk loud when we get on a cell phone and that can be a distraction."

Also, he says practice good hygiene.

"Don't be gross. Be sure that your clothes are clean. Antiperspirant-- that's a good idea."

Gym goers have their own pet peeves.

"Gym attire shouldn't be too flashy. Sometimes you get distracted," said Macaculop. He added, "when people don't put back the equipment where they got it from."

Sharing, cleaning up after yourself, using indoor voices-- even as adults, a few helpful tips won't hurt.

Lowery says more than 200 new families joined Livewell at the start of 2011.

The gym has passed out newsletters to members stressing the importance of gym etiquette.

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