Wife of e-mail snooping husband speaks out

UNDATED –  Remember the husband who got in trouble with the law for reading his wife's e-mail?  Well, now they are divorced and his ex-wife is speaking out.

Clara and Leon Walker said even in the beginning their marriage was anything but a storybook romance.  "Early on, I -- I classified it as a fraud and I pretty much -- it pretty much stayed that way on and off until it ended," according to Leon Walker.

It was the first wedding for him, the third for Clara, she already had a son with her first husband and had left her second after he allegedly slapped her in a fit of jealous rage.

Then Clara met Leon, an I-T specialist, at her job working for Oakland County.  She got pregnant and they said "I do."  They settled in with boundaries, she said.  "You know, he, shortly after we were married, he insisted that we kind -- you know, have any conversations through e-mails.  And...," Clara said.

She said all their conversations went through e-mails.  "She didn't like to talk.  And I didn't like to confront.  So, I don't know...," Leon said.  He said weeks and months went by without them talking to each other.  "Well, not having quality talk."

Within months, they said they were little more than roommates and Clara soon sought comfort with her second husband, even though a police report describes how she accused him of hitting her in front of her son.  "You know, a reasonable person wouldn't assume that a woman would go back to a guy who beat her.  I knew she was involving her son in her relationship with him.  And I was very concerned that she was also doing the same thing with our daughter," Leon said.

In search of proof Leon said he sat down at a computer in their home and began reading Clara's e-mails to her best friend.  He said she had told him her password before.  "Her password was our son's name.

She also kept a copy of her passwords and her address book."  "That's not -- that's very false.  It's never happened.  There was not a notebook," Clara said.  She thinks he got in by guessing her password.

Leon printed the e-mails and sent them to Clara's first husband as a warning that she was exposing their son to the temper of husband number two.

This touched off a custody battle over the boy and eventually led to Leon's arrest, under a Michigan law historically used to go after computer hackers.  "We have an I-T specialist who hacks.  What else is gonna start hacking into?  Particularly when he's a government computer expert," Jessica Cooper, Oakland County prosecutor, said during a radio interview.

Leon now faces jail time if convicted.  "There's not much in this process that makes sense, so how I--  What I make of it is that weird things happen, you know? I'm just taking it a day at a time," Leon said.

"You know, a crime is a crime."  Clara said.  "Leon is an I-T tech.  He has training.  He went to school.  He knew better.

She said if all the cameras were stripped away, all the legal proceedings, the lawyers and she could just have a conversation with Leon she'd hope that he will let go of his anger.  "Well, for one, I hope that he will let go of this anger that he has toward me.  And, you know, we are a team, whether he likes it or not. (CRYING)"

She acknowledges it's a lot to ask, considering she would be testifying against him and he could end up in jail.  "It is. But what does he expect me to do? I mean he violated my privacy.  I was violated. So what about me?"

Leon faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison.  His trial begins on Valentine's Day.

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