Lufkin man's dino egg collection reveal astonishing find

Dr. Neal Naranjo - dino enthusiast
Dr. Neal Naranjo - dino enthusiast
Rebecca Petty, Radiology Director
Rebecca Petty, Radiology Director

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – It's a collection millions of years of years in the making. Dr. Neal Naranjo has spent vacations digging up fossils, and building a collection that includes six dinosaur eggs.

"There had been a study done in Florida by a physician at a hospital looking at velaciraptor egg," said Dr. Neal Naranjo.

That study sparked his interest to see what was inside his eggs.

"Tried an x-ray but the material is just too dense for a normal x-ray... Tried an MRI because they don't have water in them you can't do an MRI," said Naranjo.

Determined not to give up, he turned to the radiology team at Woodland Heights Diagnostic Center.

"This is a very unusual request for us. It's our first time to scan non-human subjects," said Rebecca Petty, Radiology Director.

Petty was on board, and confident in her cat-scan equipment.

"I knew if there was something to be seen we could see it with a CT Scanner," said Petty.

Carefully, these pre-historic eggs were scanned one-by-one.

"Then we're slicing through and I mean seeing image after image. This one shows up, I go we got a baby! We got a baby! We're jumping up and down!" said Naranjo.

The dinosaur eggs hold fetuses that are at least 70 million years old. The most shocking thing for Dr. Naranjo and his team were the detailed images that the cat-scan revealed."

"We thought we could see some bone structures but to see the whole outline of the baby in the egg was amazing," said Petty.

"Vertebrae. I mean even the lay-man can tell that's a vertebrae, that's a vertebrae," said Naranjo.

It's a rare look into the past that's catching world-wide attention.

"We got people contacting me from Europe, the states, wanting to know how we did it, what was our protocols, how can they do it? Can they send stuff for us to do?" said Naranjo.

It's this drive that Dr. Naranjo hopes will inspire others to follow their dreams and make history in their own way.

"This guy born and raised in Lufkin, Texas - He's doing this. He's not somebody on TV - the History Channel. He's a local guy," said Naranjo.

Construction plans for a science museum in Lufkin are underway. Dr. Naranjo plans to build next to Pineywoods Home Health Care on South First.

The eggs, and the images of the dinosaurs are only be part of his vast fossil collection.

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