Nacogdoches man charged with driving drunk with 6 kids, wrecking, fleeing scene

Miguel Marroquin mug shot courtesy of Nacogdoches County Jail.
Miguel Marroquin mug shot courtesy of Nacogdoches County Jail.

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES Co., TX (KTRE) – A Nacogdoches father has been arrested and charged for driving drunk with six children in the vehicle.

DPS investigators said a collision with another car, also filled with children, led to the arrest of Miguel Marroquin, 33.  Investigators said after hitting another vehicle, Marroquin tried to flee from the accident with children in tow.  Fortunately, no one was injured.

Marroquin's blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit at the time he was transporting his six children, ranging in age from 2 to ten years old.  "It was pretty obvious he was intoxicated," according to Trooper John Henley, DPS.

Marroquin's mother is all too familiar with her son's drinking problem.  "He's just drinking a lot more than he normally does. I tell him that's not good," Aurora Marroquin said.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Marroquin was driving on FM 2863 Saturday when he hit a 2001 Ford Escape, totaling it. He then drove away from the scene, with only three working tires, for about a half-mile on County Road 522 before his Dodge pickup stopped moving, according to the affidavit.

A DPS trooper caught up to Marroquin and saw he had six children with him, all between the ages of 2 and 10.

The trooper reported he had glassy eyes, slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol on his breath.

"Could have been killed. The victim's vehicle, she drove off the road trying to avoid the collision and he still came way over and struck her once she was off the road," Trooper Henley said.

According to the grandmother, her son has lost a house to fire, a job, a wife, and now faces losing custody of his children.  The family lived with the grandmother and several adults.  As of Monday, the children were living with their mother in Lufkin, in a house reportedly without electricity or plumbing.  "They're with their mom right now, but that's why we're trying to get him out so he can get the kids back because they go to school here. Their mom doesn't have a secure home."

The father won't get out of jail anytime soon.  His bond of over $27,000 and a stiff law are working against him  "It's a little bit more serious and takes them off the road longer now," Trooper Henley pointed out.

A father's future is at stake and so are his children's.  Late Monday, troopers released the six kids to their grandmother while their mother spent time trying to get Marroquin out of jail.  His charges are piling up, Driving While Intoxicated, Child Endangerment, and Failure to Stop and Render Aid.

DPS troopers are targeting drunk drivers.  Nacogdoches DPS made 12 DWI arrests over the New Year's Holiday.  Statewide, DPS troopers arrested more than 1,100 suspected drunk drivers.

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