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1/16/2011 Nacogdoches Police Report

1030 N University  Theft (Enhanced)/SJF theft

Warrant  Officer Collier and his Father In-Law (SO Reserve Deputy) were off duty, shopping at Fresh Harvest and observed Herod Chatman stuffing meat into his pants.  Herod noticed their interest in him and took off running outside of the store.  Collier and Father In-Law caught him as he was trying to get into his car.  Chatman also had an Enhanced Theft warrant from 2003 South. 

1630 Cardinal #221 (Unlawful Restraint)

Victim stated after an argument she tried to pack her things and leave.  Her husband and her father tried to keep her from leaving the house by holding her.  Suspect drug her to the ground when she got outside and held her down till she started screaming.  He released her then.

1707 Boney St. (Assault FV, Interference with Emergency Phone Call)

Juvenile Victim stated her mother hit her on her head and pulled out her hair extensions. When she tried to call the police, her mother took the phone away.  Tenika Hall was arrested.

1600 Douglass (DWI)

Vehicle crossed the road and almost struck a police car.  When stopped officers found the driver, Arthur Pruitt to be in an intoxicated condition and placed him under arrest.

3413 E Main (PI)

Mandy Collins had an argument with her husband where she screamed at him and started kicking him.  Officers found her in an intoxicated condition and she was arrested.

2701 Logan Cir #1903 (Assault  FV)

Victim stated her ex-boyfriend had been calling her all day,  she would not answer.  He later met her at her front door and grabbed her by the neck choking her.  She stated he also knocked her down in the mud, then left the area.

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