Residential speeding

Recently, we have noticed an alarming number of motorist speeding through residential  neighborhoods.  Law enforcement officials have informed us that the problem is growing.

Some neighborhoods have tried their own solutions to this problem by putting in speed bumps and using radar speed signs to alert drivers of their speed.

But apparently these devices are only marginally working.

Some drivers speed along as if they are on US 59.

This is very dangerous and unacceptable.  Children are playing and people are walking in these neighborhoods and sometimes have to quickly move out of the way to avoid being hit.

We at KTRE are asking everyone to SLOW DOWN.  We know there are times when we are distracted and may not realize we are speeding, but really that is no excuse.

An accident due to speeding in a neighborhood creates sadness for all involved, including the person speeding.  Unfortunately, an apology is not enough once someone has been hurt.  Especially since the entire situation was preventable.

So once again everyone, please, SLOW DOWN.