Crockett neighbors want city council to get spotlights shut-off

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) – When the sun goes down, the giant lights on Norman Lane in Crockett shine bright.

"It's like a very big night light," said Belle Hall.

Homeowners on the North-side of the street have become accustomed to life in the spotlight.

Hall says the property owner's lights across the street have come on every night without fail since last July.

"The lights are aimed at the windows on the back side of the house," said Hall.

They've shined for so long Virginia Hooks, her neighbor,  hangs up towels to block the light.

The Halls and the Hooks believe the lights were turned on because of this petition that they circulated trying to stop the construction of a cell phone tower that overlooks the neighborhood. Even though most of the neighborhood signed the petition, they believe they're the targets because they instigated it.

"So that didn't work. The city council approved it," said Hall.

"the cell phone tower is constructed and operational. Whether or not that is a lingering factor pertaining to these lights, I think you'll have to talk to the property owners," said Ansel Bradshaw.

City Councilman Ansel Bradshaw lives next door to the lights.

"We tried to follow all the rules everything to be able to get help the right way from our city," said Hall.

Bradshaw and the City of Crockett say this is not a city matter.

"It's a civil issue between property owners as a council member and a representative of the city of Crockett, I don't think its our position to make ordinances to resolve civil issues," said Bradshaw.

Interestingly enough, neighbors say the lights were shut off for the first time in six months the second our cameras showed up.

"I think they knew you were coming. We didn't tell them you were coming," said Hall.

So if only for one night, the residents of Norman Lane won't be blinded by the light when they go to bed.

Several phone calls to the landowner, Kyle Maxwell went unanswered.

The neighbors say the lights are a public safety hazard for anyone driving or walking through the area after dark.

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