Thrift store business booming across East Texas

Martha Adcock, store manager
Martha Adcock, store manager

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Shoppers are ditching the mall, heading to thrift stores in search of the best bargains.

Kate Cox comes to Rose Cottage Resale looking for a quality suit.

"I've found some great deals here, really good buys," said Cox.

She's not alone. Business is booming as people from all walks of life search for the hottest bargains.

"We have women. We have men, teachers, factory workers. Everybody comes in," said retail manager Martha Adcock.

She says hundreds more shoppers stop by weekly, compared to two years ago.

"They're trying to save money," said Adcock.

A sluggish economy is creating the trend at thrift stores across East Texas. Adcock says this is a good thing for these small businesses.

"The more resale stores there are I believe the better we do. People that shop resale shop all resale," said Adcock.

Bargain buyers are looking for more than a great deal. Adcock says they come for the quality.

"All of our things are consignment but we get a lot of things that still have the tags on them that people never even wore," said Adcock.

Many stores offer top brand names and labels. Like true religion jeans which normally run at about 200 bucks a pop marked down to $49.

"It's worth it," said shopper Jennifer Holder. "I mean some of the retail stores are you know a lot higher."

Shoppers like Kate Cox plan to keep looking to thrift stores, even as the economy improves.

"I'm in for a good deal, even if I make really good money I still want a good deal," said Cox.

Kate's not the only one. She and others are changing the way people shop. Thrift stores are taking notice, bringing on the bargains in exchange for big business.

Thrift stores are on the rise nationwide. On Monday, Dollar General announced it will build more than 600 new stores across the country.

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