East Texans Have Mixed Feelings Over Gay Bishop

The eyes of Episcopalians around the world are focused on the church's general convention this week to see how church leaders vote on the confirmation of an openly gay bishop.

"I'm not positive that the episcopal church has given the ordination of persons engaged in sexual relations outside of the confinds of marriage approval," said Reverend Ellis Brunt.

"I think we've had a vocation to be ahead," said Reverend Thomas Woodward. "If you wait for everybody you can never move."

It's a question that many inside and outside church are struggling with; including many East Texans.

"I don't think homosexuals should be involved in the business of the church, whether it's ministry or otherwise," said one East Texan.

"From a business standpoint I don't think it should be an issue," said another. "It's work; it's business and I don't think whether the man is gay or not should have an effect on whether he gets the job."

But despite the controversy, Reverend Gene Robinson is confident the church with decide in his favor and that it is a step forward for all Christians.

"I think god wants to let gays know that He loves them and He wants to hold them in His embrace," said Robinson. "I just think it's inevitable that this will happen."

Robinson will have to wait until tomorrow's final vote to see if he is right. And with members of the church threatening to leave if he is confirmed, many will wait to see what the fall out of that vote may be.