Temperatures will plummet later today

(STORM TRACKER WEATHER CENTER):  As you head off to work or school this morning, you may want to take both your umbrella and your jacket.  That's because you might need both before the day is over.

A strong cold front will move through the Piney Woods later today, bringing with it some scattered showers.  Any rain we see will be very light, and more of us will miss out on the rain than actually receive any.

The bigger story will be the surge of cold air moving into East Texas.  As the front moves through your neighborhood, winds will shift around to the north and pick up in speed.  We could even see wind gusts as high as 25 to 30 mph later today.

This stiff north wind will usher in a much colder airmass for the end of the week, dropping temperatures to below normal values for this time of year.

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