San Augustine businessman finds way to stay profitable

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - By Donna McCollum - email

SAN AUGUSTINE, Texas (KTRE) - After 35 years Napa Auto Parts is leaving the San Augustine square.

"We have to get out on the road where the highway is and I think that's where the growth is going to be in all towns," owner David Nettles said. "That's where it's headed."

No one blames Nettles. He even got a Chamber award. Faith in your community is what they call it. Nettles calls it keeping the customer satisfied.

"We just got to put in what they need," Nettles said.

An accommodating manager sees to that.

"Everything from fabrication supplies to grinding bits," manager Glen Benefield said. "As you see we carry everything including deer feeders, Igloo coolers, rubber boots and it's not just for the men. I mean I have gloves tailored to women, even all the way down to letting your kiddos work with you."

And if it's not there, Benefield will order it, along with an extra for the next person who might walk in needing the same item.

"And if that sells then you order six more," Benefield said.

Management is attributing growth to their customers in the oil and gas industry. Hydraulics and parts for large equipment are taking off. They can also thank faithful customers within a 40-mile radius.

"That's important because if you don't shop here, the businesses can't make any money," customer Tyrone Davis said.

The Napa truck will no longer be a familiar fixture in the downtown San Augustine square, but at least for this small town it won't be far away.

The business owner plans to be in his new store on the highway in several weeks.

And chamber leaders are seeking state "Main Street" status in an effort to keep the historic downtown alive and well.

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