Online job hunting, a major trend or your worst nightmare?

Sandra Hopson
Sandra Hopson

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – The online world can be your oyster or it can be your worst enemy.

Searching for jobs on the internet is hugely popular but job-seekers are being met with new dangers in online applications.

Hunting for the right job can be a draining process.

"You get frustrated at times," said Yvonne Powers, who has used the internet has a resource for employment.

Searching for jobs online shaves off some time-- but is it safe?

"It's just a trial and error really. So you either take a chance on applying for it, giving all your information or just not applying," said Powers.

Sandra Hopson of Workforce Solutions says it's easy to steer clear of bogus job banks. First stick to the familiar names.

"America's Job Bank, Monster,, Work in Texas for Us which we do police," said Hopson.

Your work doesn't stop there. When you find a possible match for your qualifications, spend time researching the company. Start by going directly to their website.

"Make sure it's a secured website. You know, that you've gone to a secure page," said Hopson.

She says if you're asked to pay any amount of money in order to be considered for the position, it's a scam. Be careful about giving too much personal information.

"If it goes further than basic information-- where do you live, how much experience you have, what's your contact numbers or your email address, when they start asking for birthdates and social security number I would avoid those," said Jeff Owens, who has applied for online jobs in the past.

"You don't really know who is going to be looking at it," said Hopson.

Here's something you've probably heard before. If the job description seems too good to be true, "sometimes it really is," said Hopson.

Doing your homework and asking lots of questions will help you land the right job, no strings attached.

If you spot any fishy postings you can report it at You can also search companies through the Better Business Bureau or Workforce Solutions.

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