Pineland camp-fire mishap sends two to hospital for burns

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Hunting season is over, but that doesn't stop members of the Bear Creek Hunt Club from using the large campground on weekends.  However, regular weekend camp-out with friends and families turned terrifying when fire-safety was thrown out the window.

Saturday evening, a man camping at the club tried to start a camp-fire.

"... Was attempting to get a fire started and was pouring some type of chemical on the fire. The fire came up the chemical into the nozzle causing a splash.. The chemical got onto him and her," said Chief of Pineland Police Kenneth Isaacks.

Isaacks arrived on the scene shortly after the incident. At first there were reports that three people were burned.

"On my arrival it was determined there was only two burn victims. One being a 16 year-old female, the other an adult male," said Isaacks.

Isaacks says the two are un-related, but is not releasing their names.  The man was taken to Jasper Memorial Hospital treated and released.

"It was estimated at the scene that the 16 year-old had approximately sixty percent burns on her legs... I personally did not see the injuries. I've not got a report on the child's condition since then," said Isaacks.

She was life-flighted to a burn unit in Galveston.

"It was an accident. Unfortunately accidents can happen to anyone," said Isaacks.

Sabine County Game Warden Sam Smith's duty is to keep places like the Bear Creek Hunting Club safe.  Besides game violations, he looks for possible dangers.

"We don't want them to start it with any kind of diesel or gas or lighter fluid. Obviously, that could cause a problem," said Smith.

Besides not using flammables in your outdoor fires, another danger is campers leaving fires unattended.

"When people get together family and friends and there's a lot going on sometimes they forget and just walk away from the fire and that is something that could cause a problem later on," said Smith.

He says the camp-fire incident needs to be a wake-up call that safety should always be first.

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