Family of Polk County homicide victim beg witnesses to come forward

Polk County Sheriff Kenneth Hammack
Polk County Sheriff Kenneth Hammack
Heather Mother Melissa Segrest
Heather Mother Melissa Segrest
Heather's widow Jerrmey Ramsey
Heather's widow Jerrmey Ramsey

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Heather Ramsey's family is now begging witnesses to come forward with any clues about the killing, now a month old.

She was just 25 and left her husband to care for two little kids.

"... The hardest thing is at night time she's like I really miss my mom, dad. And the only thing - What do I tell her? She's with Jesus? That's not enough for her she's five years old," said Jerrmey Ramsey, Heather's widow.

A press conference Monday marks the first time Ramsey and Heather's mother, Melissa Segrest are speaking publicly about the investigation.

"We just want justice. We want justice served. We want the person caught," said Segrest.

Putting a face on the suffering that Heather's death has caused was a big part of why law enforcement decided to hold this press conference."

"Every case we work at the Sheriff's Office has a victim, but this is a little closer to home because we have a victim that was killed," said Sheriff Kenneth Hammack.

Hammack says solving this case is the agency's top priority.

"In a case like this we use all the resources we have at the office on this. Every investigators we have goes in different directions. They follow leads, question people..." said Hammack.

To do that, they need information. They're hoping heather's family can help bring attention back to this case.

"If anybody knows anything, please. Please help us. Somebody's bound to know something. So please help us," said Ramsey.

In the mean time, investigators are combing through phone records from multiple persons of interest.

"Slow process now of retrieving information from the cell companies as far as phone calls that were made on particular phones. I think were at 6 or 7 phones..." said Hammack.

Family members want Heather's killer to face justice. They're trying to stay strong.

"We're all family. That's what family is about. We just want Heather back and that can't happen," said Segrest.

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