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1/25/2011 Lufkin Police Report

1/24/11 THEFT/C               2500 Block of DANIEL MCCALL

Employees reported that when they attempted to detain a subject for shoplifting a DVD charger, the subject fled from the store out the automotive entrance leaving his jacket behind.

1/24/11 ASSAULT/C             4600 Block of S MEDFORD

Woman reported she wanted to file charges against her boss for inappropriate contact and unwanted advances in the workplace after the company failed to take internal disciplinary action against him.

1/24/11 FRAUD                 300 Block of E SHEPHERD AV

Man reported that someone used his debit card account to make an authorized online purchase for over $200.00.

1/24/11 THEFT/C               300 Block of S CHESTNUT

Woman reported that shortly after leaving a store, she discovered her wallet was missing, and upon returning to the store, was unable to locate it.

1/24/11 FRAUD                 300 Block of N FIRST ST

Woman reported that she learned from a bill collector that someone had used her debit card to make a phone bill payment.

1/24/11 THEFT/FELONY          100 Block of HERNDON

Railroad work crew discovered that sometime overnight, someone had stolen a set of train horns off a train engine they had been working on.

1/24/11 FRAUD                 1400 Block of JOHN REDDITT

Woman reported that someone has obtained her debit card number by unknown means and has used it to make unauthorized purchases in Canada.

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