Pack, Steelers both weigh in with 13 300 pounders

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) - The program lists Pittsburgh nose tackle Casey Hampton at 325 pounds. The way his jersey stretches tautly across his biceps (and belly) suggests the real number is north of that.

Hampton is one of 26 players on the Packers and Steelers Super Bowl rosters to tip the scale at more than 300 pounds - not a startling number until you put it in historical context.

Green Bay's first Super Bowl team, 45 years ago, didn't have a guy heavier than 265 pounds.

Meanwhile, Mean Joe Greene, at 275 pounds, was the biggest guy on the Steelers when they won their first championship in 1975.  Which leads one to wonder: How'd these guys all get so big, and could any of this really be good for them?

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