Prescription drug sharing could be growing problem in East Texas

The Coalition of Angelina County
The Coalition of Angelina County
Lufkin ISD Lead Nurse Jan Durham
Lufkin ISD Lead Nurse Jan Durham

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Livingston ISD officials are looking into reports that a student was giving away prescription drugs on the school bus.

"We always take this seriously when this happens. Anytime that you got kids taking a substance that they don't even know what it is," said Gregg Faith, Livingston ISD Director of Communication.

The bus was full of fourth and fifth graders.

"Students will bring medication they found around the house that their parents have to school and their curious about those things. They'll try to distribute it to their friends and dare them to take it and things like that," said Faith.

"Sometimes they take more than one at a time and there's definitely problems with drug interactions," said Janet Taylor, Exec. Director of the Coalition.

Taylor says their mission is to stop drug abuse.  They say prescription drug sharing is the new frontier.

"Children think that because its legal - those are prescription drugs their parents take them, that they're harmless," said Taylor.

The coalition says the solution to this problem really lies with the parents. It's their job to keep all medications where kids can't get to it - especially prescription drugs.

"We need to get the message out to parents that they either need to lock away their medicine cabinets or throw away unused drugs that could be habit-forming or lethal," said Taylor.

When they're at school, Lufkin ISD's lead nurse Jan Durham says there's policies in place to prevent this.

"They're not allowed to carry medicine around," said Durham.

She says all meds must be have one of these forms signed by a parent. They hope the rules keep students from having pills in the classroom.

"It can be fatal. That's the danger," said Durham.

Fortunately, the kids involved in Livingston ISD's incident were okay, and disciplined.

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