Taylor says goodbye

Monrovia, Liberia-AP -- Liberian President Charles Taylor says he will sacrifice his presidency to stop the bloodshed in his country.

Taylor recorded a farewell address today in Monrovia, for broadcast later in the day. The Associated Press obtained a copy.Taylor made the speech at his home, before a Liberian flag, sitting solemnly with folded hands. He promised to leave the country tomorrow.He said, "As I look at people dying, I must stop fighting."Taylor also accused America of forcing his departure. The U-S and West African nations have demanded that Taylor leave Liberia in an attempt to stop a bloody 14-year civil war.The speech was to be broadcast on radio and television in Liberia, but few will actually be able to hear it. Batteries, fuel and other supplies are scarce on the government-held side of Monrovia.

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