Alleged beating of Houston teen suspect on tape

HOUSTON (AP/CNN) - Surveillance video of the March arrest of a burglary suspect appears to show Houston police officers kicking and stomping on him. KTRK-TV obtained the surveillance video and aired it Wednesday night.

The 16-year-old boy, Chad Holley, was convicted of burglary in October and put on probation. He's filed a federal lawsuit alleging civil rights violations.

Four officers indicted on official oppression charges and fired still face trial. Mayor Annise Parker told KTRK that she was "shocked and disgusted" when she first saw the video and says "this is not acceptable in Houston."

Parker says the city supports prosecutors who wanted to keep the tape from being released prior to trial.

Police Chief Charles McClelland Jr. says he's taken disciplinary action and had no further comment until the cases are resolved.

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