TxDOT crews stay busy keeping roads safe

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - At 3 a.m., TxDOT crews had already been at work for several hours.

Truck after truck, loaded down with rock, headed out to cover bridges just about everywhere in Deep East Texas.

"Starting with the loop and U.S. 59 and we've hit the state highways after that," said Michael Moore, maintenance supervisor for TxDOT. "Most of the bridges east of here are iced over. West is not too bad."

Big rigs were about the only ones brave enough to venture out. By daybreak, truckers were ready to pull over and rest a spell. They've had a rough week.

"Ten hours to go from Sweetwater, Texas to Dallas day before," driver Don Briggs said.

A good indication to tell where truckers have been and what kind of weather they've been in is to stop at a truck stop. And take a look at the big old blocks of ice that you'll find in the parking lot. There are three at one truck stop. No telling where they were picked up.

Truck drivers warn motorists during icy conditions to be sure and give them plenty of room.

"They just need to have a little courtesy when it comes to trucks and that's what makes drivers a little mad," Briggs said. "You got to give them room because if you get hit with 80,000, you're going to go in the ditch."

So no matter what kind of roadway you're driving on it's important not to drive too fast or you're likely to end up somewhere you'd rather not be.

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